Trifecta Editions presents David Buckley Borden’s Hibernaculum

Trifecta Editions presents David Buckley Borden's Hibernaculum

The Innovation and Design Building is proud to partner with Trifecta Editions to host David Buckley Borden’s Hibernaculum, an immersive exhibition celebrating collaborative art and design inspired by nature. The installation features work created by Borden and collaborators during his 2014 Trifecta Editions Hibernaculum Artist Residency. This project continues Borden’s ongoing exploration of communicating environmental issues. Five distinct gallery spaces house unique explorations of nature’s relationship with art and design.

The Hibernaculum Fashion Cabin is a collaboration with the Boston Design Center community to foreground the influence of the great outdoors on interior design. The welcoming environment highlights BDC contributions and welcomes visitors to explore both the exhibition and Design Center showrooms throughout the building.

The Design Research Library is a furnished reading room and design library featuring publications critical to research for Borden’s Hibernaculum projects. Topics include environmental design, landscape architecture, cartography, ecology, Native American architecture, Adirondack great camps, and graphic design and visual arts inspired by nature and North-East regional woodlands.

Thank you to the following BDC showrooms for making these spaces possible.

The Hibernaculum is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 12:00 to 6:00 p.m., through June 27.