“Living with Sculpture” Art Installation

A new art installation, “Living with Sculpture,” greets visitors at Boston Design Center and The Innovation and Design Building. The exhibit showcases 16 artists from New England Sculptors Association [NESA] through August 18th, 2017.

On the Promenade along Drydock Avenue, visitors are welcomed by a striking, 14-foot tall, steel creation entitled After Fletch 11/14 Tangerine by sculptor Gilbert Boro. The intersecting planes energize both the negative and positive space within the sculpture. Additional sculpture creations showcase a wide range of materials and artistic concepts, ranging from translucent alabaster inspired by nature to dual steel towers that suggest mental separation despite physical proximity.

“Sculpture is integral to interior and landscape design,” said Marilyn Ewer, executive director of NESA. “Our goal is to showcase contemporary work of our members and demonstrate how sculpture can become a focal point in a home, corporate, public, or garden setting. Interior designers, architects, and landscape designers can work with their clients and our artists to purchase or commission sculptures that will enliven their environment and enrich their lives.”

“Living with Sculpture” is co-sponsored by Boston Design Center and the New England Sculptors Association. Sculptures are on view in the BDC lobby, BDC entry courtyard, and at the entry plazas of The Innovation and Design Building along Drydock Avenue.

Artists in the exhibition include: Elisa Adams, David Adilman, Gilbert Boro, Kevin Duffy, Larry Elardo, Irene Fairley, Tracy Fischer, David Flood, Douglass Gray, Daniel Hirschhorn, Linda Hoffman, Madeleine Lord, Maria Luongo, Valery Mahuchy, Philip Marshall, and Alan Weinstein