LEED Gold Certification

LEED Gold Certification

The certification marks a significant achievement in the building’s sustainability initiatives set by owner/operators Jamestown over the past five years.

LEED Certification is an internationally recognized green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Buildings can qualify for four levels of certification based on a points system.

The IDB and BDC acquired LEED Gold Certification by taking several steps to align with requirements including:

· Updating over 80% of the lighting to LED (with plans to convert the rest over the next two years)

· Replacing all windows with new double pane energy saving windows

· Upgrading to energy efficiency mechanical systems

- switching from steam heat to hot water heating

- employing new high efficiency boilers and boiler control systems

- installing condenser water plants, allowing tenants to move from less efficient air cooled HVAC units to more efficient water cooled units

The building has implemented an integrated pest management system and green cleaning policy which includes knowledgeable custodians and specific green cleaning equipment, materials, and products.

Additionally, the building’s alternative transportation options lend to LEED Gold Certification by encouraging bike usage, providing shuttle services, and contributing to Boston’s Blue Bike program. The LEED Gold Certification is an exciting accomplishment and Jamestown will continue following through on their commitment to sustainability in the future.