Galerie d’Orsay Expands to Boston Design Center

Galerie d'Orsay Expands to Boston Design Center

Galerie d’Orsay is delighted to announce their expansion to Boston Design Center!

With seventeen years on the first block of Newbury Street catering to fine art collectors around the world, Galerie d’Orsay is thrilled to take the next natural step in working even closer with the design trade by creating a true fine art presence at the Boston Design Center. Drawing from a collection spanning over six centuries of art ranging from etchings by Rembrandt and Dürer, to works by the Modern Masters Picasso, Chagall, and Matisse, to contemporary masters Bruno Zupan, Kathy Buist, and Richard Roblin, Galerie d’Orsay is poised to meet any design need and place the perfect pieces to complete your vision. Let Galerie d’Orsay transform your next design project with cherished works of fine art.

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