Vol 6
Spring 2016

Dear Readers: Chesie Breen

Welcome to ID BOSTON magazine’s first ever kitchen issue, which showcases three very distinct kitchens, each fulfilling a different fantasy and function. Let’s take form off the table (ha!) for a minute; kitchens are really about way of life. They are not about appliance as much as they are about wiping a child’s chocolate-smudge face while the smell of fresh-baked cookies wafts from the oven. Kitchens are about standing at a sink and looking out the window to reflect on the day as the sound of water washes away the noise. Kitchens are about our senses. In no other room are we more tactile and engaged with the elements that sustain us: touch, sight, smell, sound, and let’s not forget taste.

Full disclosure—I do not really enjoy cooking the way I once did, but I still LOVE to eat and share the table with family and friends. I used to feel a little guilty about it; after all, what kind of a person doesn’t want to cook for their family? The truth is, I am raising a family but I am also working insane hours, commuting, traveling, and active in my community. Something had to give. Through some sort of divine and unexpected osmosis, my family picked up the slack, resulting in a husband and three daughters who all are solid cooks who love and appreciate good food. It’s funny how things work out. Even though I’m not “in charge” of my kitchen, I am fully engaged and transported by the robust conversation, laughter, and bounty that unfold there.

I can see other scenarios playing out in the kitchens we feature in this issue and imagine each one has a unique story to tell. Here’s to form, function, fantasy, and finding a way of life that suits your style.

As always, please be in touch: cbreen@idbostonmagazine.com.