Miguel Flores-Vianna presents Haute Bohemians

  • Type  Trade and Consumer
  • Location  Galley West, 2nd Floor, Suite 200
  • Time  2:00-4:00 p.m.
  • Venue  Boston Design Center
Miguel Flores-Vianna presents Haute Bohemians

“From rooms rich with texture and layered with vibrant patterns to spare outdoor spaces strewn with greenery, Miguel Flores-Vianna’s ‘Haute Bohemians’ is a treasure trove of inspiring and transportive interiors.”

- T Magazine, The New York Time Style Magazine

Boston Design Center welcomes international photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna as he shares his creative journey in the making of Haute Bohemians.

Miguel journeyed through four continents to capture an extraordinary group of interior designers, writers, landscape designers, artisans, art and antiques dealers and collectors alike, showcasing their residences. Residences range from country cottages, beach houses, city apartments, and ranches, as well as assorted châteaux and palazzi. Some of the spaces are grand, others are modest, but all are original, stylish, charming, and, above all, authentic—revealing their owners’ care and taste.

From artist Alexander Twombly’s idyllic farmhouse and studio in the Italian countryside to textile designer Nathalie Farman-Farma’s enchanting London house, all twenty of the featured homes are, in Miguel Flores-Vianna’s own words, “magnificent repositories of diverse cultures and visions and beautiful descriptions of the geographer of their owners’ lives.”

Miguel’s presentation, book signing, and reception will be at BDC’s 2nd floor event space, Galley West.