Vol 4
Summer 2015

Dear Readers: Chesie Breen

Chesie Breen

Welcome to the summer issue of ID BOSTON. By now it's cliché to lament about the weather, but looking forward I intend to fully embrace all things summer and that includes freshening up my home, entertaining friends, getting out in the garden, and most of all taking time to celebrate family. In this issue we feature three very different houses all of which were created with families in mind. They are getaways in the best possible way, but even more they are about coming together, and to me that is the definition of successful design.

Another fun exercise for this issue was going shopping at the BDC. I grabbed our design editor Caroline Sholl and Boston-based photographer Eric Roth and off we went to visit showrooms and pick out the items that most caught our eye. Walking the halls of the BDC with Eric Roth is a bit like having a backstage pass to the Oscars.

Whether looking for inspiration in the garden, design ideas, or destinations for a weekend getaway, we hope you enjoy this issue and that it makes you feel happy in some way. That, after all, is what a well-designed summer is all about.

Please be in touch: cbreen@idbostonmagazine.com.

Chesie Breen
Editor-in-Chief, ID BOSTON