Tools for Food: Collaboration at the Table

  • Type  Trade and Consumer
  • Location  Galley West, Suite 200
  • Time  6:00 p.m.
  • Venue  Boston Design Center
Tools for Food: Collaboration at the Table

Having dumped traditional linen tablecloths and gladly canceled laundry service 16 years ago in favor of the wipe-clean, minimalist Chilewich mat, restaurants are now ditching antiseptic white china for hand-made ceramics. In fact the country’s top chefs and biggest-name restaurants are collaborating with artisans of all kinds to create truly unique dining experiences.

As part of the “artisanal” experience, relationships with local artists as well as local producers grow organically for chefs, and like a purveyor of fine ingredients, artisans and chefs successfully craft a partnership. Chefs are speaking to potters and one-of-a-kind knife makers, as well as butchers, farmers, and foragers, to come up with unique things for their vision—unique to their restaurant and unique to their dishes. Together with artists, chefs are putting as much careful thought and consideration into the plates, platters, and bowls their food is served on as they do into the food itself. The intent is not compete with the food, but to lift it and create cultural experiences that generate excitement in the dining room.

Moderating the conversation is John Torres, Senior Digital Director at America’s Test Kitchen. Discussing collaboration at the table are:

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