The Continued Relevance of Classicism in Contemporary Design

  • Type  Trade and Consumer
  • Location  Seminar Room, Suite 548, and Galley West, Suite 200
  • Time  11:00 a.m.
  • Venue  Boston Design Center
  • Sponsor  New England Institute of Classical Architecture & Art
The Continued Relevance of Classicism in Contemporary Design

Classicism, the architectural legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome, is the cornerstone of the Western architectural tradition. Through the continued evolution and reinvention of its traditions and conventions, it teaches us that good building embodies utility, strength and beauty. Classicism is therefore not merely an architectural style or collection of styles, but a philosophy about humanity and nature. It expresses the legacy we have inherited and the legacy we leave for future generations. In New England, that legacy of Classical architecture, the Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Beaux Arts, and its variant the Shingle Style, remains a potent inspiration for contemporary designers.

To celebrate Boston Design Week, the New England Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA-NE) has partnered with the Boston Design Center (BDC) to host a panel that will discuss the continued relevance of Classicism from the perspectives of Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Planning and Cognitive Science, where recent findings support the idea that people thrive in environments based upon classical design principles. Please join us for a reception, generously hosted by the Boston Design Center, immediately following the discussion.

Moderator: Eric Daum, AIA, Architect & Partner Merrimack Design Architects, LLC.


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