Recontextualizing Objects

  • Type  Trade and Consumer
  • Location  BDC Exhibition Space, Suite 144
  • Venue  Boston Design Center
Recontextualizing Objects

Opening to the public on Thursday, March 31, Recontextualizing Objects is an exhibition of product sets whose inspiration was sourced from pieces found in the Boston Design Center. Northeastern University students scouted BDC showrooms for source objects for their product designs. Once selected, these objects were 3D scanned, creating a 3D file that was manipulated to make entirely new products. See the original objects, iterations of the new product sets, and the final results at this exhibition of what’s now possible in design.

Historically, human experience of the physical world has been one of object permanence. Now, with 3D technologies disrupting the traditional design process, bringing a new age of object plasticity and malleability. Instead of learning the intricacies of 3D design software, anyone can now easily create a 3D file with a smartphone. Photographs of an object quickly become a 3D file via a technology called photogrammetry, causing designers to rethink the physical world as it is captured, morphed, traded, re-contextualized, and sold.

Recontextualizing Objects is made possible by a partnership between Northeastern and the BDC.